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Tuesday in Nepal

While most of the group wandered off to Thamel to finish their shopping expeditions, Child sponsors Arlene and Steve took off with BSF Program Coordinator, Aleesh to spend time with our oldest teenagers, college students and staff at the BSF office in Sukedhara.  Arlene and Steve presented an “inspiring or very inspiring”  (the kid’s words!) training on risk taking, awareness, addiction and grounding. The young adults appeared truly interested, attentive and appreciative.  Hewie’s beautiful daylily pictures  served as a symbolic representation of the varying effects of the marijuana plant.  Many plants can be manipulated by growers and not all plants can be safe for consumption. The group was particularly moved by Steve’s story of addiction and recovery and they gobbled up his books on the 12 Step process.  We appreciate the hard work of the BSF staff for arranging and attending this training....thanks for the tea and cookies too.

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Zootopia, Fashion, and Holiday Traffic

Once again we were treated to the contrast that Nepal offers. Skies were blue as we met the younger children at the pungent Kathmandu Zoo. They were dressed in their holiday best as they collected to sing for us and then take us by the hand, bounced around happily, and used English names for their favorite animals. Some of them met the elephant up close, and the hippo was a big favorite. It showed off its enormous mouth and tongue for everyone before its carrot lunch arrived, and many of the children stood by fascinated while it ate a big bag of carrots. Then we all feasted together on human food of mo-mos and pizza. It is so heart-warming to share their joy and their appetites, knowing they are being cared for and fed and loved by the wonderful staff at the Contact Center.

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