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Filming Mitrata's Legacy

An article from nonfiction documentary filmmaker, Amy Benson, who just just completed making her third video for Mitrata. She describes why her love and passion goes beyond her love for telling stories. Her sponsored children have had a troubled past, and she and her husband, Scott, found a better way of sponsoring and a passionate community with Mitrata. Mitrata, she says, is the family that understands a part of her life that many do not—that is, the connection she has with her sponsored family in Nepal—The Darnals.

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True Confessions of a Child Sponsor

We all sometimes want to do more than we can; we want to be an ideal sponsor to our sponsored child and genuenly want to make their lives better, to mitigate their struggles. But we’re human, too, and sometimes cannot do all that we want to do to help: our finances change, life gets in the way. Sponsor Melissa Alipalo explores this feeling of guilt and her redemption through her trip to Nepal and meeting her sponsored child and her child’s mother. She sees that they are more connected on opposite sides of the world than she realizes and navigates her emotions in this moving piece to find peace with her sponsorship history. We are very thankful to Melissa for the opportunity to publish such a beautiful sentiment about what it means to sponsor a child.

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