Contact Center Expands and After School Program Starts!!


Today we spent a busy day at the Contact Center, our early childhood school readiness program in Balaju Kathmandu. We met Taylor Massey and Lauren Kubik who are volunteers doing the very important work of setting up a system of evaluating the academic progress of our children. Using test data and setting up excel spreadsheets, this task will take them 2 months to accomplish! They are collecting data on children from when they enter the Contact Center program to graduation into our child sponsorship program starting in 2nd or 3rd grade. 


We enjoyed a delicious and nutritious lunch with lots of protein. These meals have made a big difference to the children as they can now concentrate better. Thanks to the donations of Karma Thalo Foundation, the children have 2 meals and evening snacks now, too. Their BMI’s have greatly increased, and we have visibly witnessed their improvements. Some of the new children entering the program are very young and took naps as it can be a long day! The children performed some dances for us, and of course, we had to join in too!


The after school program has also started with children arriving from their schools at 3- 4 pm and staying until 6 pm. This program has provided a great resource for parents who are trying to work and support their children but cannot arrive home until evening.


The most wonderful news is that we have expanded our space to include two extra rooms which allows for much more activity and to split up our groups into smaller numbers with the teachers. The two new rooms are right next door so it is very convenient. This expansion was due to the generosity of donors who contributed to our annual campaign in 2018. Danyabad! Thank you all for helping us improve and expand the services we provide our children.