Healing Nepali Style

This was a day of pampering, healing and rejuvenation from our busy schedule.  Two of our girls, Ishowri  and Laxmi, have completed beauty school and the women in our group received a spa day from them. It began with a facial, proceeded to a manicure and hand massage.  The culmination was beautiful mehndis on our left hands. Mehndis are temporary henna tattoos often on the hands commonly done for ceremonies and special occasions. It is fine detailed handiwork. 

Several of our now grown children, Pratima, Pradip, and Anish, who have studied Hotel Management, prepared a gourmet meal to top off the day.  It was so nice to have the young people we have helped from childhood give back to our sponsors in this wonderful way.  They have learned so much and are on their way to being independent. 

The healing continued with a visit to an old friend of Mitrata, Mangalman Maharajan, who plays singing bowls and gongs.  We sat in zero gravity chairs and vibrated along with the gongs.  After listening in a relaxed state, Mangal, then let us watch to see how he made the glorious sounds.  We also learned the difference between male and female gongs. 

Today was a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle (and crazy traffic) of Kathmandu. More to come tomorrow.

Ishwori gives her long-time sponsor Nancy a facial

Ishwori gives her long-time sponsor Nancy a facial


Laxmi gives Nancy a manicure


Laxmi draws on Jacque


a beautiful dessert prepared by our kids


Pratima serving


the cooking staff - our kids Pratima Pradeep and Anish


Ralph receives sound therapy


Pradip serves delicious food


Jacque feels better already

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