They Are Growing Up!

Dinner with the sponsors and the kids who are currently in 11th and 12th grade was at Zen Bistro in Maharajganj. It was lively and full of conversation and laughter. It is so great to see them growing up! They are all in school taking classes towards their careers, working part-time or in apprenticeships in hotel management and even barrista training. 

Our NGO partner staff work hard to make sure the kids are learning responsibility and getting out into the world to learn needed life skills. In Nepal, children need to focus on their future career path in 10th grade which is early compared to American children. The Nepal school system requires children to choose an area of study before entering 11th grade. 

The system is not flexible so it is not possible to just change your mind and pick a different path for your bachelor’s degree. For this reason, our NGO partner staff provide career counseling and workshops to assist kids in selecting the best path based on consideration of their grades, interests and motivation. 

Our traveling sponsors had a great time meeting the kids and were very impressed with their accomplishments! 

Christine SchutzComment