It’s All Happenin’ at the Zoo

Every year at our Trivia Night we raise money to provide for special outings for our kids.  So this year we took the 29 kids in the Contact Center to the zoo and had a picnic of guess what? Momos and pizza! Everyone’s favorite. 

There was a mass of children from schools all over Kathmandu on field trips that day. The lines were long getting into the zoo and the place was packed. We ate at the pavilion and played Simon Says with the kids and and shared photos and fun. I cannot believe how many momos such small children can devour! 

At the end we had a special treat of a visit from the charming elephant that kids ride and pet. She walks around the picnic areas as casually as can be with kids everywhere. The energy and joy for the kids was infectious. For many of the Contact Center children it was their first visit to the zoo.