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Our 10th Graders Rocked the SEE Exam!!!!

Hearty congratulations to all of our Secondary Education Exam (SEE) graduates for their remarkable success! After graduating from 10th grade and passing the SEE exam, a child enters a specialized program that focuses on a desired area of study (i.e., business, science, agriculture, tourism, etc.). known as "college" in 11th and 12th grade. These children live in a boarding school or with a parent or guardian depending on their individual housing needs. We also provide healthcare and support services such as career counseling, tutoring, and internships.

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The Power of Child First

My experiences in Kathmandu have been wonderful, but none more wonderful than my time spent with the children. The driving concept behind all decisions made by Mitrata and it’s partner organization BSF is Child First. With this in mind, I attended the graduation ceremony for four remarkable young adults who have gone through the program and have now graduated into the real world. They are living evidence of the power of the concept of child first, and are thriving thanks to the dedication of the staff, the enduring force of human nature and the desire hidden within even the most severely underprivileged children to excel in life, and to give back to the community that helped them achieve their dreams. All have completed advanced education, and are working in restaurant management, as a chef, and as a businessperson. One young woman completed an on-line MBA from the prestigious Wharton School of Business. Sponsors, thank you for making all of this possible.

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