You Meet with EVERY Child?!

I get this question a lot. The answer is yes! When I come to Nepal it is a priority to meet individually with every child we sponsor to see first-hand the child’s condition.  

I also take pictures and videos to send out to the sponsors when I get back to the USA and give out the letters and  gifts that the sponsors have sent with me to Nepal. It is really a fun thing to do, even with the challenges of shy kids who have trouble talking on camera and the difficulty getting a quiet space with enough light for filming. It does take a lot of time since we have 85+ sponsored children separate from those in our Contact Center!

It is so great to see their delighted faces when they receive sponsor letters and gifts. They are so curious about their sponsors and want them to come to Nepal to visit.

I also have meetings with different groups of children to help them understand our program policies, learn about how our organizations works and to hear their concerns.

Yesterday we showed our new Mitrata Nepal Foundation for Children slide show, specifically developed for younger kids, explaining who we are in the USA and our connection to our partner in Nepal, BSF. They asked a lot of good questions and it was a lively conversation. 

The children also make cards and write letters to their sponsors.  


Anjali and Sujita having fun

Listening to the presentation

Listening to the presentation


Aleesh and graduate Rukesh helping younger kids with letters


Showing the slideshow


Filming  videos with Bikash


Giving out sponsor letter to Sudip


Discussing the slideshow




Roshan Drawing making a drawing for his sponsor letter

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