Welcome to Leena and Yogesh From Nepal - Meeting with Sponsors

Leena Satyal, Executive Director and Yogesh Satyal, Board President of BSF, our partner in Nepal are in Saint Louis, Missouri for 2 weeks of meetings with sponsors, our annual strategic planning, and some fun times with donors, board members and staff of Mitrata Nepal Foundation for Children.

Leena has a lot to communicate about the updates on our 124 children in Kathmandu, our sponsorship programs and the Contact Center.  A special thanks goes to the hosts of our many local Sponsor Coffee meetings this week,  Sandeep Nema, Pam Hughes, Rick Hendin. All  sponsors who attended received an update on their sponsored children. Leena and Yogesh also had time for tea at Margaret Gaal's house.

Leena and Yogesh, along with filmmaker Amy Benson will be at the special screening of The Eldest Son on Friday September 7, so be sure to reserve your complimentary ticket here. We are limited to 100 seats; please reserve now.

If you missed our screening of Drawing the Tiger in 2016, we encourage you to see this powerful film in the comfort of your own home at https://vimeo.com/124880964, password KumarDarnal, before seeing the Eldest Son on September 7. 

Christine Schutz