"The Eldest Son" Documentary Shows in Saint Louis!!

Documentary filmmaker, Amy Benson of Nonfiction Media, came to Saint Louis and showed her newest film “The Eldest Son” focusing on the Darnal family in Nepal struggling to lift themselves from poverty. This showing was attended by 60 sponsors and donors of the Mitrata-Nepal Foundation for Children and was a big success. Leena and Yogesh Satyal of BSF, our partner organization in Nepal, were also there to answer the many good questions about life in Nepal.

The audience asked a lot of good questions and everyone was able to see first hand what it is like to grow up in a village in Nepal and try to get an education to improve family life. The oldest son went abroad to make money to support the family and get them out of debt. He returned downtrodden and in even more debt than before he left.

Too often this is the case when unskilled young men leave Nepal to find work. They pay a substantial fee to get the job abroad and then when there, live in poverty and make little money and live similar to an indentured servant. We are so thankful to Amy for bringing us this insightful story.

Mitrata-Nepal Foundation for Children is very happy to be helping five of the Darnal children get their education now, two younger children in 3rd and 6th grade in school, and three older children obtaining quality vocational training and career planning. We provide the resources for helping the family improve economically by educating the children and supporting them in a developing a career.

Enjoy some of the pictures of our event!

Christine Schutz