Update: Our Trip To Nepal In March

By Dr. Christine Schutz, Executive Director and Founder

My trip to Nepal in March was busy and productive! One of the best parts was staying in the office apartment in Sukedhara where several of the older kids are boarding. We shared many great meals of “dal bhat” prepared by the house supervisor, Sarita Basnet and the food was “meeto cha” (delicious).

Christine and Board member Rick Hendin

Christine and Board member Rick Hendin

Board member Rick Hendin joined me on this working trip and he was very helpful.

Conditions in Nepal Remain Challenging

In the second year after the big earthquake, there are still people without adequate housing and the beautiful, historical world heritage sites are not rebuilt. The roads in KTM are being torn up again to put in a water pipe system, resulting in dusty roads and more traffic jams.

The roads in KTM

The roads in KTM

The really good news is that our NGO partner, Bhuvaneshwori Satyal Foundation (BSF) is doing a great job of managing our programs. Rick and I visited the boarding schools and children’s homes, enjoyed pizza/momo parties with the kids and discussed the children in detail with the BSF staff.

Children Are Making Great Progress

I am so proud of the children's resilience and progress in school and life. Anita Shrestha, our first graduate, is working as a nurse, and Sangeeta Gautam passed her nursing license exam while I was there. Rukesh Yadav, graduating in science, is looking for a job in teaching, and Rikish Sapkota earned a full scholarship to China in computer engineering. Pratima Shrestha graduated in hotel management and is working in her field.

It is a great joy to witness the older kids matriculating through our programs and becoming independent and more young children starting on this same path to success. This year we have five young, new kids who graduated from the Contact Center (our early childhood education day program) who need sponsors for school. 
Thanks to all of you who have made this possible. You have truly made a difference.