Congratulations to Our 10th Grade SEE/SLC Graduates

Once again this year all of our children in 10th grade passed their SEE (formerly SLC) exam with flying colors! Congratulations to our graduates and thank you to their teachers, and our BSF staff for helping to make it happen.

We had a combined celebration for the SEE (Secondary Education Examination) graduates & the Contact Centre graduates at the Contact Centre yesterday. Manju and Rojina spoke on behalf of the SEE graduates about their SEE experience and their academic journey so far as well as their future goals. Similarly, Ashish who recently graduated from the Contact Centre and now attends Grade 3 at regular school also shared about his experience in his new school. We organize this kind of celebration every year at the Contact Center (our early childhood remedial education program) to especially emphasize the importance education and learning for our smaller children!

The graduates cut a special graduation cake and everyone cheered for them and wished them good luck! They also received hand made cards from the Contact Center children. Later on everyone ate a special lunch together.

As much as the graduates deserve appreciation for their hard work and achievement, we should not forget to recognize the tireless support, guidance and inspiration provided by the BSF program coordinators, teachers and non-teaching staff at the Contact Center and also the teachers and principals of the different schools our SEE graduates attended up to their SEE.

Alexis Mead