Saturday Planning Session and Dinner

Last Saturday, September 7th, our Mitrata Board gathered together to solidify our plan for the next 5 years. This strategic planning session included our Board members from Denver and Seattle, and it was very special to have them there in person!


Prior to this meeting, each committee had brainstormed their ideas for the Strategic Plan. Each one had the objective to answer the question of what we need to do in the coming years to achieve our organization’s goals for growth by 2024, which include adding a second Contact Center in Kathmandu, sponsoring 50% more children, and expanding the services we provide to our children in Nepal.


Our Board committees submitted a total of 236 items, and the Strategic Planning Committee collaborated with the committees to narrow that down to a list of 158 items.  The Strategic Planning Committee also centered those items into 6 main strategic objectives: strengthening our NGO partner in Nepal, developing and expanding our Board, developing the infrastructure to support an organization twice our current size, enhancing our digital media presence, and strengthening and expanding our relationships with our sponsors, partners, and organizations that will aid us long-term. The Board first reviewed these objectives and our financial projections for the next five years, then broke up in to three groups to discuss which of the ideas for each year they found exciting, concerning, and anything they believe Mitrata should not take on.  After sharing these findings with the entire Board, each Board member also voted on which initiatives they would be willing to lead, volunteer for, or support financially so that the Strategic Planning Committee can investigate the Board’s priorities and where to invest our time and resources.  


After a long day of planning, Board, committee, and advisory members gathered together for dinner at The Himalayan Hut with our Board and their partners and family.  The dinner was delicious and a wonderful way to relax and enjoy the company of our Board members from outside of St. Louis as well as the wonderful members of our advisory board.  


Thank you to all of our Board members who worked so hard at the strategic planning meeting, and our advisory board members who help us in countless, vital ways! A special thanks to our Board members who flew into St. Louis for this meeting and dinner. What a special time to get to see you, and we are so grateful for your support!