Our new website update!

In the middle of June this year, our talented web developer and board member, Matt Plank, integrated a website-wide upgrade for Mitrata. An important part of the update included displaying our videos prominently on the front page and beautiful scrolling on our front page.

One of Matt’s main objectives with this update was to display and highlight the wonderful media that has been already created for Mitrata. The new design highlights our children but also the wonderful, personal relationships that our sponsors have developed with their children. Along with including more of our diverse photographs of sponsors and children in Nepal, the website also aims to educate people about the state of Nepal as a country, our upcoming events, our blog posts, and, throughout, our message of making a difference one child at a time.

Please go out and explore our website; watch our new videos, learn more about our events, and read our latest blog posts! We want to thank Matt for volunteering his time to give us such a gorgeous website and his hard work on the board. Apart from volunteering with Mitrata, Matt is hard at work running an independent web development agency, focusing on bringing a great user and owner experience for small businesses’ and not-for-profits’ websites. Please check out his website at: www.catapultmysite.com

Thank you, Matt, for your help and hard work!

Morgan LeBaige