Remembering the Late Mrs. Satyal, Founder of our Contact Center

The children and staff at the Contact Center paid tribute to the late Mrs. Bhuvaneshwori Satyal who founded the Contact Center almost 20 years ago. Having grown up and educated in Gandhian values and educational system in India, she devoted her entire life working selflessly for and helping underprivileged children and women in Nepal.

It's the sixth year since her passing. The staff and children remembered her this past week talking about the values that shaped her life and work.

At the Contact Center, every event or occasion is framed as a learning opportunity for our small children who come from families that live in the margins of society. The children learned how to remember a deceased person and why certain food is offered and only a certain color of tika and flowers (yellow in this case) are used on such occasions. The remembrance also served as an opportunity to educate the children on the value of gratitude and importance of helping others.

Alexis Mead