Our First Day in Kathmandu

Namaste!!  Pam and I arrived safely in Kathmandu late Saturday night.  On the way to the hotel last night and to the BSF office this morning, we weren't terribly surprised to see that the pot-hole filled roads and construction-fed dust haven't improved much........okay, maybe not at all.  But, we're here and looking forward to meeting with the students and BSF staff, and accomplishing everything we came to do. 

We had a terrific, and very productive first day today.  We spent the day in the BSF office in Sukedhara, met with the 11th and 12th graders from Golden Gate International College, took their pictures and videos, and updated their biographical information.  I've had the pleasure of observing their growth and development over the last five years and watching them mature into fine young adults is incredibly gratifying.  Their Mitrata sponsors have blessed them with amazing opportunities and the BSF staff are helping to guide them toward becoming independent, contributing citizens of Nepal.  Together, the sponsors and BSF staff are a terrific team and doing magnificent work!!

We were also treated to a tasty Nepali lunch and dinner of rice, lentils and vegetables made lovingly by Sarita and Puja.....truly delicious!!

Tomorrow, we'll meet with our Bachelor's level students, get their updated photos and bios, and continue handing out sponsor letters.  More to follow.....

Rick Hendin