And So It Begins........

Right now it is 6:30 PM on Thursday evening, March 22nd, in St. Louis; and yet, flying above the mountains of the Southwest, the sun is shining brightly, illuminating the clouds.  Sometimes wispy, like cotton candy; sometimes puffy, like cotton balls.  When the clouds part, mounds of mountains can be seen rising above winding ribbons of rivers. 

How quickly we are transported from one world to the next, from one perspective to another.  Over the next couple of weeks, we hope to share some of our adventures and give you a glimpse into the world inhabited by our MItrata children in Nepal.  The support of our sponsors and donors has opened new worlds for them as well. 

Namaste!  And, stay tuned.  We expect to arrive in Kathmandu late Saturday night, March 24th.  More to come!!!

Pam and Rick

Pam Hughes