Hiking and Monkeys!

I went along with Yogesh and his children for a day of hiking at Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park. I was very excited to join them on this hike in hopes of seeing some animals unique to Nepal.  The Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park offers a somewhat challenging trail due to the changing altitude throughout the hike.  I was relieved to reach the top of the trail because I was excited to look over the entire Kathmandu Valley.  Looking over the valley was very peaceful, despite the hectic buzz of the city down below.  On our hike back down was nothing out of the ordinary until we ran into a tribe of Asamese Monkeys.  From a far they seemed harmless and looked very adorable because they had baby monkeys that clung on to their mothers stomachs.  As we approached closer they did not seem so harmless because they started to feel in danger and come closer to us, due to this we began to hike back up the trail.  We gave another try with larger group of people, but the monkeys were behaving in the same ways to protect their young.  Finally some of the military men on trail came and helped disperse the monkeys and we continued on our hike.  To say the least Nepal always keeps you on your toes, and is never boring.  


Alexis MeadComment