Climbers & Sherpas Set Off for Mt. Rainier's Summit

16 climbers, 10 sherpas and six rope leaders set out on Thursday morning to kick off our three-day Climb for Himalaya Children of Mt. Rainier, Wa. Led by board members Ambrose Bittner and Len Kannapell and sponsored by Red Lantern Journeys and Ripcord Rescue Travel Insurance. Three days roundtrip to the 14,411 ft. summit of the highest mountain of the Cascade range in the Pacific Northwest and the highest mountain in Washington State.

Very special thanks to our participants who are climbing to fund our Contact Center program for children aged 3-10 years old, who are provided an educational foundation in a nurturing, loving environment, similar to the Montessori model. Enrollment in the Center averages 26 students. The children enter at the preschool level, are taught basic skills, including reading, writing and an introduction to English. They are also provided with hygiene education, healthcare and two high-quality protein-rich meals each day.

It's not too late to support our climbers, sherpas, rope leaders and children by donating on our CHC Climb 2018 page.

Blue skies and beautiful vistas ahead!