Happy New Year's Eve from Nepal

Today (Saturday), Christine, Isaac, and I spent the day in the Sukedhara office and met with more than 20 of our “At Home” children (those living at home and going to school, grades three to ten), taking photos and videos, and getting updates on the past school year.  In addition, we joined the BSF staff and the children in celebrating the Nepali New Year, which begins tomorrow, with pizza and momos.  The Nepali New Year is an official public holiday in Nepal, which is celebrated with parades, feasts, and family reunions. According to the Nepali calendar, tomorrow begins the year 2076.  Since Nepali New Year is seen as a deeply religious holiday, various religious rites and a hope for blessings in the year ahead are a big part of the holiday’s meaning. 

Looking ahead to the new year, our children are truly blessed to have such incredible sponsors, who are providing opportunities for the children to learn, grow, develop and dare to dream.  And we are blessed to have the opportunity to partner with a great BSF staff, who do such wonderful work with the children.  Today’s group of children included recent graduates from our Contact Center, as well as, long-time sponsored medical school student, Sudan Adhikari, who traveled from Chitwan to visit with us. If the smiles on their faces are any indication, 2076 is getting off to a great start!!

Rick Hendin
Mitrata Board Member and Chair of Finance Committee

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