Christine, Rick & Isaac Arrived in Nepal

Founder and Executive Director Dr. Christine Schutz, board member Rick Hendin and volunteer photographer Isaac Schmitt have arrived in Nepal after a beautiful day spent in Hong Kong visiting the Po Lin Monastery. In the coming days, Christine, Rick and Isaac will be sharing a daily blog post about their feelings, trip goals and activities, updates on our children and many photos.

 Isaac shared his feelings on his first day in Kathmandu:

 “Oversaturation is that best way I could describe arriving and spending my first day in Nepal’s capital. Having not yet even been inside the Ring Road, I have gotten a great taste of the way of life here in the residential outskirt of Sukedhara. The smells, the people, the tight compact buildings. The city is bustling constantly, there is a constant hum and at night you hear nothing but car horns and dogs barking. I am still trying to take in everything without getting overwhelmed, but the warm welcoming brought to me by the people working at BSF, our partner NGO.”

Hong Kong 


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