Good Tidings We Bring to You from Nepal!

The word Christmas has something magical about it and its universality is like no other. It invokes a certain feeling of joy, readily conjures up the season’s imagery, and it softens and lightens hundreds of millions of hearts and minds across the globe; across cultures and age groups, and as history stands witness, even across frontlines and trenches. That’s Christmas.

Contact Center has always been big on Christmas celebrations. And it’s not difficult to guess why. Children love gifts and they like to have fun. Christmas brings happiness in the form of sharing and celebration, togetherness and attention, renewal and respite, and partaking of good food.

This year, like every year the kids at the Contact Center received warm jackets for their Christmas gifts. They danced and joyfully caroled Christmas songs and later proudly paraded from room to room donning their new jackets and woolen caps cheered on by the onlookers in the teachers and staffs, and volunteers.

The Center wore warm and welcoming Christmassy feel right from the morning with piles of gifts neatly stacked under the brightly decorated Christmas tree. With every head sporting a Santa hat the whole place looked like Santa country.

The children had a surprise visit by Santa Claus who came with an oversized bag of chocolates and animal-themed woolen hats. The children were utterly thrilled to meet Santa. Apart from showering the children with gifts Santa was also quick on giving them some useful and  wise advice about the need to be kind and humble and a to be good human-being all the time. One of the other highlights was  ballet performance by Brahmi who recently finished volunteering at the Contact Center.

The icing on the cake was the special Christmas cake itself. Everyone jostled to catch a glimpse of the cake and almost toppled it. Thankfully though the cake survived from falling and Santa with the help of two of the children jointly cut the cake. Everyone had a piece of their cake for dessert at the end of an enjoyable Christmas day special lunch.

Every year we also take this opportunity to collectively thank and recognize hard work and dedication of all of our staff.  They also received their gifts.

We are on the cusp of the old and new year and are soon going to roll over from 2018 to 2019. This fun-filled Christmas will be remembered long into the coming year as a season of love and gratitude, of celebration and togetherness, and that of arrival yet also the start of another splendid journey.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Alexis Mead