Contact Center Kids Celebrate Dashain!

The children and staff celebrated Dashain at the Contact Center. Dashain is one of the biggest Hindu festivals celebrated in Nepal in the fall season of the year. Everyone received tika and blessings from two of the Bhuvaneshwori Satyal Foundation board members present. The children enjoyed listening to Dashain stories and also learned about the significance of some of the customs observed as part of this age old tradition. This was followed by children  dancing, a nutritious lunch,  lots of fun and delicious vanilla chocolate chip ice cream.

And at the end a big Bonus: A lively, high-octane impromptu dance performance by our very own Pasang. Such was Pasang's show-stopper that everyone present couldn't help joining him in the dance. Happy Dashain to all our friends and our children and their families in Nepal!

Christine Schutz