Do you take your kids for annual checkups? Bet you do! But in Nepal...

Here in the USA we wouldn't think of not taking our kids for annual checkups,  vaccinations, dental checkups and really anytime they spike a fever or have a rash! But medical care in Nepal is not free and is often scarce especially for low socioeconomic families.

Kids suffer from easily cured conditions such complications from diseases such as measles, or common skin and ear infections. This is exacerbated by low body mass index reflecting chronic malnutrition.  Stunted growth is common and teeth infections and orthodontics are rarely provided by parents.

So besides all the care we give to our kids all year long, every year we have a special one day clinic for our kids held at the BSF (our NGO partner in Nepal) office in Sukedhara. All kids and their families are seen by doctors, dentists and nurses. Plus we have some of our older kids in healthcare training as doctors or nurses help out.

So they get a great experience working with American doctors, nurses and dentists! 

A great big thanks to our Saint Louis Missouri partners the Karma Thalo Foundation, who tirelessly plan and execute this trip every year. They have to bring all their gear and a crew of staff half way around the world to help us take care of our kids. We are so grateful to them!


Christine SchutzComment