Billy Dechand Set to Play at Holiday Bazaar

Singer, Composer and Musician Billy Dechand will play at our upcoming Sunday, December 3 Holiday Bazaar at the Masonic Lodge in Webster Groves.

Shop for the holidays and listen to great music by Billy to support our underprivileged children in Kathmandu, Nepal. All textiles, jewelry, and handicrafts were personally selected from fair trade artisans by Christine and our Traveling Seven while in Kathmandu visiting our children.

Let us know if you're interested in stopping by on Facebook at our event page, click here

Billy studied Music Composition with Joan Tower and Daron Hagen at Bard College. As singer/songwriter, he has recorded several CDs, and worked with many pop bands. He currently plays bass with Rabbit Ear Movement, an R.E.M. tribute.

"Footprints", (c) 2012 Frantz Bostick, Billy Dechand, Joe Koepke. First seen on The Bill & Frantz Show, Ep. 232: More music at
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