We envision a Nepal where all children have the opportunity to be educated and reach their unique and full potential regardless of economic situation.

Educating a child empowers the family, lifts them from poverty and develops a community, and a country.

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MNFC Core Values established & equipped by the Board as critical to our direction for the future are commitments to:

• Caring for children and making a difference in their lives in a tangible way
• Education as a foundation for a successful life
• Transparency in all our interactions
• Championing & empowering children to give back to their communities
• Respecting Nepali culture and traditions

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Our Strategic Objectives:

1. Strong, supportive relationship with our NGO partner, BSF, to expand our programs and establish a system of oversight, evaluation, and documentation.
2. Active board of directors representing all identified areas of need, the foundation of future youth and advisory boards and initial plan for Executive Director succession.
3. Foundational US infrastructure and financial oversight to support future growth.
4. Fund development and financial investments to exceed annual financial goals and build a sustainable future.
5. Effective digital media vehicles with national reach.
6. Strengthen sponsor/donor relationships and seek new partner relationships to support public relations and fundraising needs

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Together MNFC and BSF will accomplish the following:

• Add to US-based staff to support operational needs
• Increase data measuring Contact Center children’s progress
• Expand our alumni involvement through volunteering and employment
• Increase the number of our children completing vocational training or university level to become independent and self-supporting
• Expand support services to the families of our children, including helping to provide health care and programs for parents
• Add enough children each year to bring our total number to 150
• Add the necessary infrastructure to staff our facilities and enable the opening of a second Contact Center program in the Kathmandu Valley