Here is one child who needs additional sponsorship. We always have new children who are in need of sponsorship and others who are only partially sponsored. Many of our children board since their families are not able to care for them. The cost of supporting these children is always highest. So let us know if you are interested in starting your sponsorship and connection to a child half way around the world!  



Madhu Rana Magar

Madhu is in 10th grade, attending a secondary school while living with her parents. She has two a younger brother, Milan, and a younger sister, Manisha. Milan is also in our sponsorship program.

Madhu’s dream career is to be a fashion designer. She loves playing football and visiting new places. Her favorite subject in school is Environmental Population and Health.




Contact Us

For further information about sponsoring one of our children, please email or call: Pam Hughes, Chair of Sponsorship Committee at or 314.645.3776 or Alexis Mead, Development Director at or 314.325.2833.