Here are some of our children who need new or additional sponsorship. So let us know if you are interested in starting your sponsorship and connection to a child half way around the world!



Arun just turned 12 years old and is attending 4th grade at Trinity Co-Ed School. His family is very poor.  The father is a mason and the mother is a housewife.  Due to unstable family conditions, Arun moved into a boarding school this year.

Arun loves fried rice, the game of cricket and Superman.  His favorite subject is Math.  

He wants to be a policeman when he grows up.  

If he could have three wishes, he would wish to study further, go to a fun park and join a dance class.

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For further information about sponsoring one of our children, please email or call: Pam Hughes, Chair of Sponsorship Committee at or 314.645.3776 or Alexis Mead, Development Director at or 314.325.2833.