Children at Play

Contact Center Playtime

Playtime is learning time for street children attending our rehabilitative day program.  The Contact Center actively outreaches to street children and children of itinerant workers who have not attended formal school, need a safe place to spend the day, and benefit from high-protein meals.  The children remain in the program for up to two years, acquiring the skills needed to begin elementary school and then enroll in private schools to continue their education. 

Field Trips and Outings

Each Fall, we take our children on a variety of field trips and events.  Funding for field trips comes directly from the attendees of our annual Trivia Night held in St. Louis, Missouri.  In November 2013, Christine took the older children out to dinner, boarding school kids to an overnight hiking field trip, and held an ice cream social.  The previous year, children visited a fun park for the first time, ate ice cream, and Contact Center kids received all new toys!

Extracurricular Activities

In addition to supporting our children's education, housing, and medical care, we strive to offer as many extracurricular activities as we can to support their individual interests. Many children benefit from sports programs like basketball, badminton, football, and table tennis, as well as music and dance programs, yoga, and karate.