The Office in Sukedhara: Kalu Gets his Flea Medicine!

The sponsors have returned home from their trip to Nepal, hopefully recovering from the long and arduous air travel and jetlag.  So I am here staying in Sukedhara, a suburb of Kathmandu, at the office building in the guest apartment on the third floor.

Our partner, BSF, rents a large building that meets our needs. It provides for office space, a small group facility on the first floor for kids who need a place to stay in transition to new schools or who can't find a suitable hostel, and a guest apartment for me or for volunteers. Right now older kids Puja and Rekha live there with Sarita who works in the Contact Center and is their house mom. She is a great cook and feeds me well while I stay here.

Our resident watch dog, Kalu, keeps an eye on things and barks when people enter but his tail is always wagging. He chews through everything! Today he got a bath and some flea medicine. He is the puppy Pawan and I rescued in March when I was in Nepal and now he is growing up too!   Kalu is well loved and gets to eat dal bhat and dog food!


The front of the building first floor. 


Sarita with Kalu in March 2017



Sarita and the backyard laundry


Puja in the kitchen helping to cook



Rekha, Christine and Puja



Cooking stove with propane fuel



Prayer and puja (worship) corner


 View from the building top


Kalu today in November! 


Kalu getting his flea medicine


Delicious dal bhat dinner. 

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