We Shopped So Long They Fed Us Lunch!

Today, while Nancy Williger and I met with Yogesh and Leena Satyal of BSF, our partner NGO in Nepal, it was a free day for the travelers. 

They went into the winding twisting roads of Thamel, the market area in the heart of Kathmandu. I think it was “shop til you drop” as they returned smiling and loaded with packages and telling of their adventure. Jacque Richmond, child sponsor, tells the tale. 

“A “free” day in Thamel was anything but free for three intrepid shoppers in the group.  It started out innocently enough with tea at the favorite coffee shop.  But after a successful visit to a nearby ATM, the shoppers found plenty of items to catch their eyes and empty their wallets.  Items for hiking, jewelry, and textiles were purchased as gifts for lucky friends and family — and perhaps there was a thing or two for themselves in the mix.  They shopped so long at one textile shop that the owners claimed them as family and treated them to lunch!  Exploring the shops, talking with the shopkeepers about the origins and symbolism of their wares, and supporting the local economy proved so taxing the shoppers required a second stop at the coffee shop to recharge before arriving back at the hotel. We know the recipients of the items purchased today will love them -- if, that is,  there is room enough in the luggage to bring it all back to the States!“


Angie and Reva


Reva enjoying a cup of joe


Jacque, Angie and Reva eating mo-mos in A.K. Export, one our favorite textile shops


Jacque, Angie and Reva with Ketchem and his lovely wife, owners of A.K. Export


Angie taking a break


Leena, Yogesh, Nancy and Christine working diligently


Ketchem, Angie and Reva closing out their shopping


Jacque, Angie, Nancy and Reva sitting down to a quiet dinner

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