Trivia Night: Sincere Thanks

Our sincere thanks to all those who attended our April 21 Trivia Night. We raised more than $22,000 for our underfunded children, necessary clean water for our Contact Center, one year of salaries for Mitrata university student Sangeeta to work as a tutor and a second part-time teacher, after school snacks and supplies and a few treats, ice cream and pizza! It was an incredible evening for our children.

Very special thank you to Loryn Feliciano-Nalic and her husband, Edo Nalic, owners of Balkan Treat Box for providing free samples and yummy items for purchase to our attendees. And, thank you to Anheuser-Busch Companies and Schlafly Bottleworks for sponsoring our event.

This night would not have been successful if it hadn't been for all of our volunteers and board members working tirelessly to organize a wonderful event.

Alexis Mead