Saraswoti Puja--Our Partner BSF Fosters The Joy of Learning

With young children in is so important to encourage them to love learning and to develop an interest in education and gaining knowledge about the world, science and how to become successful in life.  So at our Contact Center they make a special day for celebrating the Goddess Saraswoti, a Hindu deity of knowledge and enlightenment.  The children at the Contact Center and their teachers were offered puja (honoring the Goddess) and received blessings. They had a special vegetarian meal of kheer (milk-rice pudding), puri, channa with vegetables, and mixed fruit salad prepared in yogurt – all a typical nutritious meal prepared during pujas. Everyone had a great time which you can see from the pictures!  It is a a special time that involved learning, sharing and gratitude.

Our Contact Center, a daily program serving underprivileged children, provides  school readiness and early childhood education to 30 children in an atmosphere of encouragement fostering the joy of learning. Many of these kids are starting school late for their respective ages and have to learn basic skills such as proper hygiene,  the ability to write and sit at a desk and interpersonal skills of sharing and interacting with others. Our partner, BSF, have staff well trained in Montessori methods and create a loving environment which individually helps kids get caught up within a 2 year period so they can enter regular private schools at usually grade 3.

So the beautiful Goddess Saraswoti reminds us of the importance of keeping our minds open for more knowledge and for helping young children discover the joy of learning.

Christine Schutz