Room with a View

After leaving the resort town of Pokhara, we hiked up 1,200 ft elevation of rocky steps with gorgeous views. Our short trek left a real impression on our travelers. Here Is what they have to say!

Nancy Williger shared her experience. 

”Leaving from Pokhara we exited the van at the small village of Kande. Then one step at a time, we started up the hill.  The path was rocky and much of it consisted of rock steps built into the hill.  Huffing and puffing, we finally arrived at Australian Camp where we spent the night. It was a collection of small motel-looking hotels and a couple fields of tents.  This is the take-off camp for those trekking to Annapurna Base Camp.  No matter how remote, there was still time to shop for Tibetan jewelry. We found a couple of locals selling their wares.

Waking up at 5:45, out the window was the view of a lifetime.  The peaks of the Himalayas etched against the sky as the sun began to rise made all the effort worthwhile.  The peaks of Annapurna and Machupachare (Fishtail) mountains dominated the horizon. Their was a view in every direction!”

The beauty inspired our resident poet Reva Meadows. 

“We climbed the hill or mountain side,
Five ladies and one trustful guide,
Up steps, more steps, and then arrived
To Australian camp for which we strived.
We lunched on thupka(chicken soup)
Recovering yes - we were pooped.
Then dinner time - Nepali rum
To celebrate that we had come.

The morning sunrise bright and clear
We gazed upon those mountains dear,
A spectacle of nature’s skill
Stand  strong against man’s crazy will.
Then put our packs upon our backs
And hiked back down that crazy track.
We came, we saw, we won’t forget
Those glorious mountains standing yet! 

Christine SchutzComment