Board Members Travel to Seattle!

Board members Jim Craig, Pam Hughes, and I (Nancy Williger) traveled to Seattle to network and cheer for the climbers of our fundraiser, Climb for Himalaya Children. Three people climbed Mt. Rainier to the summit; eleven started up Mt. Baker, and nine were able to summit!  The climbers and rope leaders got together for the usual post-climb barbecue on Sunday July 14.  According to the climbers, everyone had a good time, and both events were a great success!

Amy Benson, filmmaker of Nonfiction Media, came to the party with her family and shared the two short videos she made for Mitrata, which are now posted on our website!  

Some of the child sponsors said a few words about what sponsoring a child in Nepal has meant to them. Jim Craig said he knows that one important thing he has done in his life is to change the life of a child, Susmita, in Nepal.  Amy Benson talked about the meaningful hand-written letters from her sponsored child. Pam Hughes discussed how much progress her sponsored child has made in overcoming a disability, and I talked about how our first child, Ishwori, will graduate from the Mitrata program this fall. Rob Rose of the Rose International Fund for Children also attended the barbecue.

Gina (left), Jim Craig (middle), and Rob Rose (right)

Gina (left), Jim Craig (middle), and Rob Rose (right)

Rob’s organization serves disabled children in Nepal and helped Puja, Pam Hughes’s sponsored child, to connect with resources for the blind in Nepal. Puja has gone from an eighth grader who felt she had no future to a successful university student studying to become a teacher. We are all so proud of what she has accomplished in those years!

Puja (left) and Pam Hughes (right) during Pam’s trip to Nepal

Puja (left) and Pam Hughes (right) during Pam’s trip to Nepal

The Seattle climbers and friends were so welcoming and generous with their time and resources.  Amy Benson hosted a small get together for us, and Reva Meadows had a wonderful dinner party and hosted us overnight!  


Thank you to all the “West Coasters” who came out to our event and those who were with us in spirit! We are so grateful for all that you do to help this organization grow and, most importantly, all that you do to support our children in Nepal.

Best wishes from St. Louis!


— Nancy Williger

Morgan LeBaige