Meet, Shop, Love

I am often asked what I do in Kathmandu when the sponsor travel group leaves. So here is just one jam packed day. First, I met with the children who have graduated or will graduate soon from Mitrata Nepal Foundation for Children and are on their way to independence.

We are starting an alumni program and they had lots of good ideas including mentoring young children in our programs and doing special programs for them using their talents and expertise. They all agreed that being a role model was important. 

Then I took pictures and videos of some kids for our sponsors and met with individual post-12th grade kids who are trying to decide on a career path.  

Grabbed a dal bhat lunch and shopped for clothes with graduate Sangeeta and BA student Susmita. 

Then back to the office to meet with Yogesh and two visitors from the USA to explain our programs and then off by taxi in terrible slow traffic to Thamel to meet travel agent and friend Lok to have dinner at his house. He picked me up on his scooty and we wound our way through the streets to his home for a lovely dinner with his family. Whew!  

The card I got from graduate Sangeeta and surprise visit from graduate Pratima on holiday from her job as chef in the Maldives were the icing on the cake!


Christine and BA student Rekha



Pradip, Pratima, Laxmi, Sangeeta, Ishwori and Mamta


BA student Susmita



Shopping in Bhat Bhateni market


Sangeeta tries on her sweater


Can’t possibly eat that much rice!


Program coordinator Susmita helps Sangeeta




At Lok’s house - delicious dinner!  

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