Meet Madhu, Mitrata Child in Need of a Sponsor

Age 16, Tenth Grader in our School Program

Madhu’s brother Milan has been in our program since 2014. Whenever we are able to welcome a new child, we look to our current families first and talk with parents and guardians about their other children and whether they need support for education, healthcare, and other services. Madhu joined us in 2017. She is currently in 10th grade studying at Shree Yoba Sahavagita Secondary School. She lives with her mother, father and two siblings in a temporary home in Dhungedhara. Her father is a driver and her mother a street vendor. Her father reached grade 3 in school and her mother never attended school.

Madhu loves story books and playing football. She hopes to become a fashion designer.

By committing to donate less than half the cost of a venti latte a day, you can educate and empower Madhu half a world away.

Email Sponsorship Committee Chair Pam Hughes at if you are interested in learning more about this very special girl.


Alexis MeadComment