Making the Difference, Thoughts froM Sudan, Mitrata Medical Student



Friends there in US, have you ever thanked yourself for being a changemaker for underprivileged kids here in Nepal?

Do you remember your initial days sponsoring children and do you relatively compare the change you have made yet?

Here in Nepal, we Mitrata kids do realize!


Location:  BSF Foundation, late April, 2019

As I entered the room, I saw everyone writing letters and making wonderful new year cards. Colors were all around the hall and kids were busy replying to their sponsors via letter. It was no less than a festival here that day. Momos and pizza party too! And yes, it was a gathering of school children of the Mitrata Contact Center. Christine was there all day with kids taking their videos and exchanging letters.

I had travelled directly from my medical college here in Chitwan to meet Christine and other Mitrata family in the BSF office in Kathmandu.

"Sudan, we had huge fundraising event a week before in US. There was video of you sharing about your dreams being a medical doctor and helping the people of every nook and corner of Nepal. And I must say, everyone present were impressed.”

Christine shared this as soon as I met her. I smiled. She hugged me in response. That single scenario had described everything.

“A boy from rural Nepal who had a dream of just getting enough food and sleep during his early childhood is now ready to be a Medical Doctor. This is all because of the unconditional support that Mitrata family has provided me for 15 yrs. I am fortunate enough that I have been an inspiration to upcoming kids in Mitrata family. “Thank you for everything,” I replied instantly but within myself.

Shova shahi is a member of Mitrata family perusing her chartered accountancy course. I was overwhelmed to see her speaking on stage at biggest Mitrata event six months back in Kathmandu. I have seen her growing from a child hardly speaking “monosyllables” to a girl representing the Mitrata family on stage. She shared her journey with Mitrata family with all emotions that everyone present had goosebumps. I thought, “Shova and kids younger to her are the ones whom  the Mitrata family is proud of.”

“Wow! The support we have been doing years now is not wasted! It is being utilized to maximum limit possible!”

Rajkumar is one of foremost children of Mitrata family. Having grown up in Mitrata family along with his mother, he is now working hard to make his mother proud. In a  conversation he said, ”There is no other way than working hard and being a good human to whom Mitrata family will be proud of Sudan brother.” I smiled.

The vibrations that the Mitrata family has created for many years has not only brought changes in educational level but also to all dimensions that a life demands.

Philanthropism has no borders. Neither it has religion or surname. It’s deeper than pockets. It’s all about reaching to someone in need and making a difference in their life as Mitrata has made on us. It is rightly said,”You can’t do all the good things that the world needs but all the good things you do is needed in the world.”

A common man can be none to the whole world but the very common man can be whole world to someone. Mitrata US had made a common man to a level that they can make differences in other common life too.

Lastly, it feels wonderful and emotional for me to see all Mitrata kids growing and being independent on their own. How it feels for you from infinite miles away to see your friend here in Nepal growing from there to here?

Share your experiences!

Happy Nepali new year!

If you are going through this article and not still in Mitrata family!


And feel the DIFFERENCE!

Happy reading!

Sudan Adhikari, 4th year medical school student
Chitwan Medical College

Alexis Mead