Larissa Arrives in Nepal

Hello! My name is Larissa and I just finished my senior year at Kirkwood High School and plan to study psychology and education at Canisius College next year.  I have volunteered for Mitrata for many years at trivia nights and mouse races.  I had my first opportunity to travel to Nepal in 2015 on the sponsor trip, and absolutely loved my experience.  After returning home I knew I wanted to go back, so in the summer of 2016, I traveled back to Nepal to volunteer in the Contact Center.  I decided to travel back to Nepal this year to volunteer in the Contact Center because I enjoy working and spending time with the kids.  It amazes me how strong all of the kids are despite the challenges they have to face on a daily basis.  In my time here I'm excited to make new friends and learn even more about the Nepali culture. 

I arrived after a hectic two days of traveling, and since I've been here I have been busy visiting with many old friends. I went to the Contact Center with Sarita where I was reacquainted with Mina and many of the older students who were in the younger class when I volunteered in Nepal in 2016.  

Then I traveled with Alish to visit Regina Karki and the Reliance School.  Regina is one of the girls my mom has been sponsoring since 2008, and since then we have created a close relationship through sending letters, and visits in the last 10 years.  While visiting we shared many stories and laughs.  After Alish and I left we traveled to the Reliance School.  At the Reliance School I visited with many younger students who I recognized from my time at the Contact Centre in 2016.  It was incredible to see how much the students have developed and advanced in two years.  

I'm excited to see what lies in the rest of my time in Nepal! 


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