Joy of Sponsoring: Tears and Laughter

What would it feel like to meet the child you have sponsored for many years for the first time? Our sponsors Pam and Ralph Caraffa did just that. In spite of jetlag and travel delays from yesterday they couldn’t wait to meet Raj who will start college soon and made an instant bond with him. All smiles and excitement in the air. Jacque Richmond who sponsors three young children Januki, Ruplal and Milan spent time looking at pictures on her computer and joking and having fun. Angie Schutz met Anita who she has sponsored for years. Anita now works as a nurse and performs wellness checks in the Contact Center, our early childhood program. What a delight to know that your child has “made it in the world and you helped!"

Tears of joy and lots of emotion abound. It is one of the most gratifying experiences to see this bond forged from half way around the world.

Sponsors play such an important role in our children's lives. Sponsors serve as powerful role models and through the connection help our kids see that they are valued and loved. This is so important for development of their self-esteem and confidence. 

Before leaving for the day to visit the children at CMHSS, we met up with Leena and Yogesh Satyal for introductions and great conversation. We ended the day shopping with the kids at the Bharat Bhetani Market to get needed clothing items, a bit chaotic but lots of fun. The kids do get spoiled a bit and at the end share some momos. Lots of fun and big first day here in Kathmandu! 


Jacque, Milan, Ruplal and Januki


Pam, Raj and Ralph


Reva and Bibek


Nancy and Pratichya


Angie and Krishna


Rhadika, Pawan, Bijaya, Anup, Subash and Krishna


Leena, Januki, Anup, Subash, Christine, Milan, Jacque and Ruplal


Yogesh, Nancy, Reva, Pam, Ralph, Angie, Jacque, Leena and Christine

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