Contact Center's Daily Schedule

During my time in Nepal I'm spending my days at the Contact Center.  On normal days (Sunday - Thursday) the children sharpen their skills in math, English, Nepali and more, but on Fridays Mina and Sarita plan a fun program for the children.  On Friday mornings the children come in and eat breakfast, like they normally do, but after that, they practice their dancing and singing skills.  After lunch we continued our fun day by watching cartoons and eating popcorn.  

A new after-school program has recently been added to the Contact Center! Mina stays at the school until 6pm with children whose parents are not home at the time school gets out at 3pm.  This provides the children with a safe environment to play after school, much needed personal tutoring and a protein-rich afternoon snack.


Larissa receives dancing lessons

Larissa receives dancing lessons

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