Investing in a Better World

Through the generous donations of sponsors and non-sponsor friends of Mitrata, our organization is able to not only support our children in Nepal with their education, housing, health, and emotional needs, we are also able to invest some funds for future growth.  Some of these funds were gifted to Mitrata in support of our long-term mission to empower our children as they become contributing citizens of Nepal.  We believe that it is important to invest this money with companies providing strong financial returns, and, who produce products/services and treat people, and the environment, in a responsible ways wherein the social fabric of our world will also benefit. 

One trend in the investment world today is the emergence of companies with track records of strong financial performance coupled with a moral consciousness in its systems, processes and treatment of people. Investing in these types of companies are referred to as Socially Responsible, or Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG).  Some ESG measures used by the managers of these companies are aligned to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), as utilized by Morningstar, as an example.  Further, these types of companies typically experience fewer scandals, government penalties, sanctions, consent decrees, and bad press, all of which negatively impact financial performance.  Many companies in the S&P 500 now tout their responsible agendas in their annual reports to their shareholders.  Mitrata’s Finance Committee has chosen investment opportunities which focus on US-based, as well as, global companies with sustainable business models (ESG) that offer the potential for long-term growth AND a positive societal impact. 


We believe it is important to support ESG companies, for Mitrata’s long-term financial benefit, as well as, the planet.  Investors, both individual and corporate, can benefit from investing in Socially Responsible, or ESG companies, knowing that portfolio returns and societal impact can both be positive. Where and how we invest matters, and Mitrata’s commitment to Socially Responsible Investing is a new way we are doing our part to make the world a better place for all to live.

— David Floeh, Mitrata Board Finance Committee Member, MS, CRPC, AAMS

Dr. Christine Schutz, Executive Director, on the change to socially responsible investments: “We believe that adjusting our investments to reflect a commitment to socially responsible funds is a great way to extend the work of the Mitrata-Nepal Foundation for Children. Investing in businesses that are sustainable and make our world a better place impacts the worldwide community beyond our focus of child education and empowerment in Nepal. We want our values reflected in every aspect of what we do. When board member David Floeh first presented this idea, it immediately made sense that we would invest our money where it counts and support our communities and partner organizations in social justice and sustainability.”

Morgan LeBaigeComment