Homeward Bound!

On Friday, our last day in Kathmandu, Rick and I typed up the updated bio's of the children, packed our suitcases and said our goodbye's.  Looking back on our two weeks in Nepal, we felt good about all that we have accomplished:  taking videos and photos of the children, updating their bio's, delivering sponsor letters, visiting the Contact Center, shopping for the upcoming bazaar at Trivia Night, providing trainings for the students and meeting with the BSF staff to discuss policies, current challenges, and future plans.  Phew!  We were busy!  But it was wonderful to see the children and to work collaboratively with the BSF staff who showed us such kindness and hospitality.

Now that we are returning home, there are some things we will not miss:  chief among them, the Kathmandu traffic, which often reminded me of a video game where one has to dodge oncoming obstacles.  But we will definitely miss the children and the BSF staff, our daily home-cooked meals and the warmth of the Nepali people.  Our good-bye's were made easier knowing that Leena and maybe Yogesh will be visiting St. Louis this fall to meet with the Mitrata board and the sponsors, so we will see them again soon.

Thanks to everyone who helped to make this trip a success, and thanks especially to our sponsors, without whom this work would not be possible.

Namaste, and hope to see everyone at Trivia Night, on Saturday, April 21st!


Pam Hughes