Holiday Wish: Help Us Tell Our Story

Stories are powerful.  They not only tell a narrative, they capture our imagination and impact our hearts.  We at Mitrata-Nepal Foundation for Children have an incredible opportunity to tell the story of our organization and the ways in which our work changes the lives of our children.

Many of you have already seen Amy Benson and Scott Squire's documentary, Drawing the Tiger, which focused on the overwhelming challenges faced by the people of Nepal, as seen through the lens of the Darnal family.  Last month Amy returned to Nepal to shoot their third documentary about the Darnal family. And since Mitrata is now helping some of the Darnal family members, we, too, are included in the Darnal family story.

Amy shoots our graduation ceremony

Amy shoots our graduation ceremony

The filmmakers were also able to capture some important moments during our recent sponsor trip to Nepal, including a ceremony honoring our new graduates. Impressed with our organizational mission and progress, Amy and Scott have offered to produce an introductory video and several program videos, using the footage they obtained as well as additional footage they will shoot over the course of the coming year while they are working in Nepal.

Please enjoy a snippet of footage shot by Amy and Scott last month.

Amy and Scott are donating their time, only charging us for the production costs involved in making these videos. However, our current operational priorities do not allow for this expenditure.  Our goal is to raise $5,000 before Dec. 31, 2017 and another $4,000 in 2018 in order to produce three or four videos.

We believe, with your help, these videos will tell our story and help us recruit new child sponsors and future friends as we struggle to support 118 children in Nepal, where costs rise an average of 15% each year.  100% of your gift will directly fund these videos and you will be listed as a donor.  You will forever be part of their story, too.

Peace, love and many thanks,

Dr. Christine Schutz, Founder and Executive Director
Mitrata-Nepal Foundation for Children, Inc.

Alexis Mead