Hello from Kathmandu!

Namaste! My name is Sara, and I'm an American nurse living in Seattle. I first learned about the Mitrata-Nepal Foundation for Children when I helped with the Climb for Himalaya Children nearly five years ago on Mt. Rainier. Since then, each July I have either carried gear to camp to lighten the load for the climbers, or I've led a rope team of climbers all the way to the summit! Every year I am so impressed by the dedication of the climbers, both in their efforts to reach the summit and their efforts to raise funds to support Mitrata. The Climb for Himalaya Children is one of the highlights of my summer every year.

But this year, I won't be able to help out with the annual Climb for Himalaya Children because I am traveling...in Nepal! I've already been traveling for six months so far and as a nurse, I'm especially interested in healthcare systems around the world. I've been lucky to see what it's like to be a nurse in places like Malawi or Uganda. (It's much harder than being a nurse in the United States!) 

I've already been enjoying Nepal's spectacular alpine scenery along the Annapurna Circuit, but now that I'm in Kathmandu I look forward to seeing more of what daily life in Nepal is really like. I'll be spending an entire week learning about the work Mitrata is doing here, including initiatives to maintain students' health and support students pursuing careers in healthcare. I'm excited to have this opportunity to see the important work the Climb for Himalaya Children helps to fund, and I'm excited to share what I see with you!

Alexis MeadComment