Boarding School Meetups

Every year I visit with our children who are living in boarding schools.  I meet with school principals and teachers. We have two main schools right now for our elementary school age kids who board, Reliance Residential and Childrens Model Secondary School (CMS).

Our children receive good care, nutritional meals and structure in safe schools that prepare them well for passing the SEE and SLC exams leading to higher education.  Staff and teachers also focus on building good character. It is always a joy to meet with them and see how much they have grown! Here are some photos!


Leena, Yogesh and I meeting with staff and principal at Reliance school


Our children at Reliance School


Reliance School entrance

Reliance School entrance


Entrance to Reliance


Anjali and kids welcome me to CMS


The girls at CMS   

The girls at CMS



CMS Kids