Our Focus On Counseling: Bimala Joshi

We are always looking for ways to improve our programs and help our kids succeed. So last year we added a second Program Director to the BSF staff and this year we have added a counselor, Bimala Joshi.

Bimala Joshi

Bimala Joshi

Bimala assesses our children and consults with the Program Directors on the best ways to assist the children in school and life. Bimala also provides ongoing family and individual counseling sessions with the kids who are in need. We are already seeing the difference she is making, helping our kids cope with difficult life problems. 

Our 112 children come from diverse backgrounds of not only poverty, but also neglect, abuse, mental illness and family instability. Many of our kids lack mothers/fathers, have suffered from malnutrition and are delayed entering school systems. Some of the older kids have difficulty making career decisions and finding the right path – vocational school, university or certificate program.

There are many obstacles to kids getting educated in Nepal, including the school system which requires early career decision-making (in 10th grade), the family pressures for girls to marry and for kids to work in order to support their families rather than attend school, not to mention the familiar adolescent issues of peer pressures and drugs/alcohol exploration. So the counselor is helping with all of these issues.

We remain dedicated to our individual approach to education and to providing the necessary supports to help each child succeed in life. This requires providing more services to our kids, such as added nutrition, medical checkups and health services, braces and teeth hygiene, extra money for clothing and school supplies and a full staff of qualified people in Nepal to monitor and run our programs. With your generous support, our individual approach is succeeding!