Artist Johanna Beekman Supports Mitrata-Nepal Girls

Our friend, kirtan artist and singing yoga instructor Johanna Beekman just launched a Facebook group called Shakti United as a place to empower women around the world to share their inspirations, passions, and healing work. Along with her Facebook group, Johanna is offering mini-events in the coming months, evolving into a sort of traveling “Spiritual Lilith Fair,” where all can come together. The first event on March 30th in Eugene, OR, features Johanna, Jaya Lakshmi, Matura Seva and Bhakti Shakti. Johanna is donating a portion of every “Shakti United” event or retail sale to Mitrata-Nepal Foundation for Children's underprivileged girls and we are so grateful!! Check out Johanna's blog for future events.

Alexis Mead