Here are some of our children who need new or additional sponsorship. So let us know if you are interested in starting your sponsorship and connection to a child half way around the world!



10-year-old 3rd grader in our School Program.

Recent graduate of our Contact Center program.

Loves to dance and sing.


9-year-old 3rd grader in Boarding School Program.

Favorite Subject: Math (Computer classes especially)

Enjoys reading adventurous story books, drawing sketches andplaying games. Interested in becoming a sketch artist and a doctor!


9-year-old 5th grader in Boarding School Program.

Favorite Subject: Science

Hopes to join the police force. Loves to play Carom boad. Wants to learn how to ride a bicycle. 


13-year-old 6th grader in Boarding School Program.

Favorite Subject: Nepali

Hopes to become a dancer. Plays football and his personal heroes are the power rangers. Looks forward to participating in dance competitions.

Contact Us

For further information about sponsoring one of our children, please email or call: Alexis Mead, Development Director at or 314.325.2833.