So my trip this year is at an end and the last couple of days have been busy! I met with staff and went over the budget, shopped and gave parting gifts to all staff of BSF. I enjoyed a delicious dinner with Leena and her family to celebrate the onset of Dashain, the biggest Hindu holiday celebration in Nepal.

We saw the kids who live at Reliance boarding school off for the Dashain holiday. They come to the BSF office first before going home for holiday. It was fun to see them especially as they just got their report cards, amazingly loads of A’s!

I met with dear friends Mangal and Soni and managed to squeeze in some coffee at the local coffeeshop in Sukedhara with Program Coordinators Susmita and Aleesh.

Packing should be simple right? But with all the extra items for the Holiday Bazaar and gifts for sponsors donors and friends it is a challenge to keep the suitcases below 50 lbs. Whew! I just made it after lots of rearranging with both checked bags below the limit. I had lots of help from Aleesh and Leena weighing bags. 

As I reflect on my month in Kathmandu, it is full of the many rich experiences with 20 sponsors who attended our sponsor trip this year. With the hard work of BSF staff, we accomplished so much on this trip!  I feel blessed with such loving connections with my dear friends and colleagues in Nepal- half way around the world. It is hard to leave and I miss you all already!  

Happy Dashain! 


Lekhnath, Aleesh, Christine, Leena , Susmita, Bimala- BSF Staff



Reliance boarding school kids




Coffee with Susmita and Aleesh






Christine with BSF teacher/house mom Sarita


Aleesh muscles the 50 pounder


Leena , Christine and Mangal at his shop in Thamel


Christine and Soni Shrestha


Yogesh and Leena Satyal of BSF



Dashain dinner celebration

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